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"We do our best in fire prevention based on our
experience and technology."

Wonwoo EF Engineering Co., Ltd is responsible for designing, supervising,
maintaining With accumulated technology in construction, fire detector tester
manufacturing and sales, etc.
Installed in buildings to protect valuable human life and property from disasters
from the design of firefighting facilities to maintenance after completion,
Firefighting facilities are working hard to make it work normally.
Fire occurs in various forms in many places regardless of time and place.
In order to protect life and property from fire, excellent technology is required.
It is a company that possesses perfect firefighting facilities and related facilities
from the design stage.
You must conduct supervision, construction, and inspection to prevent fires that
may occur.
It can protect buildings and people.
Therefore, all of our employees are guilty of fire prevention based on their
experience and technology.
We promise to be a company that will do everything, have great ambitions, and
be faithful even in small things.

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Registration of
firefighting facility

Head office building

​(Guro-gu, WonWoo B/D)

Company name

Electrical construction business


and sales of

heat&smoke fire
detector tester

Registered as a
firefighting facility

Registered as a
firefighting facility
design business


Main Business

Wonwoo EF Engineering Co., Ltd has accumulated technology such as electric construction, fire facility design, supervision, maintenance,
construction, fire detector manufacturing, sales, etc.
Fire fighting facilities from the design of fire fighting facilities installed in buildings to the maintenance after completion in order to protect
Precious lives and property from disasters.
We're trying to make it work normally.

Portable Heat&Smoke Detector Tester

- Manufacture and sale of

- Heat & Smoke
Detector Tester

electrical engineering

- Electrical piping, wiring, ducts,
lights and electrical equipment
installation work, etc.

- Electrical construction, etc.
according to air conditioning and
instrumentation systems

Firefighting facility design, firefighting
construction supervision

- Business facilities, sales facilities,
residential/commercial complexes,
medical and Religious facilities,
educational facilities, lodging facilities,
apartments and Firefighting design
and supervision for all buildings
including factories

- Domestic and overseas
petrochemical/chemical plants, oil
refineries, tank terminals

-Design and supervision of
firefighting facilities for various plants

Firefighting facility construction

- New construction of firefighting

- Expansion and repair work (automatic
fire detection system, emergency
broadcasting system, sprinkler system,

- Indoor/outdoor fire hydrant facilities,
simple sprinkler facilities, etc.)

- Gas fire extinguishing equipment (FM-
200, FE-13, HALON, CO2)

-Repair, expansion, and new
construction of hazardous material
storage facilities

Firefighting facility inspection

​*What is a firefighting facility inspection?

Firefighting facility inspection refers to inspecting whether the statutory firefighting facilities installed in a specific firefighting object are installed and maintained in compliance with the Act on Installation, Maintenance and Safety Management of Firefighting Facilities and fire safety standards.

- Checking the operation of firefighting facilities
- Comprehensive inspection of firefighting facilities

Fire prevention management agency

​*What is a fire prevention management agency?

Fire management agency is a company that handles complex fire safety management tasks for specific fire-fighting objects based on accumulated technology and expertise to ensure that fire-fighting facilities are maintained and managed in an optimized condition, thereby preventing valuable human life and property damage due to large-scale fires. It is an efficient system that can be done.



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Overseas Certification

Flame detecter tester CE.jpg
CE Certificate.jpg
DOC Certificate.jpg
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